The Net Shed

Our Net Shed is a unique event space in the islands. Situated in a quiet and picturesque area at the farm, with sweeping views of Westcott Bay, the Net Shed can hold up to 50 people for an interior event, or up to 75 people using an interior/exterior combination. During our summer season, the Net Shed is available evenings only. Our in-house caterer, Deb Nolan, creates extraordinary  farm- and sea-to-table menus ranging from casual picnics to sit-down feasts.  For further rental information, inquiries can be addressed to:


We are open to the public for retail sales May 26, 2017 through mid-September, daily 11-5.  We have ice available to keep shellfish cold (we encourage you to bring a cooler if you are not heading directly home with your shellfish). If you visit during a low tide you can view the farming operations that occur on our beaches. We do not allow self-harvesting of our clams or oysters.

Eating oysters at the farm? 

We have communal picnic tables where you can stay and shuck your own oysters. We supply shucking knives plus hot sauce and a shucking lesson if needed. It's fun and anyone can learn!  Additionally, we have small salads, Bakery San Juan bread, cheeses, and beverages for sale, including beer/wine.  We barbecue oysters Fridays thru Sundays (12-4:00). PLEASE NOTE: We no longer allow people to bring food or drinks to our farm.

Arriving by boat?

Please be aware our dock is actively used for our farming; we allow small boats and dinghies, and maintain a strict BOW-TIE ONLY policy, no side-tying. If you have a large boat that requires a side-tie you will have to find other means of transport to the farm. 

HOURS:  Daily 11-5, May 26 through mid-September.  (We barbecue oysters Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4)

We are a no-smoking farm (sorry, even the fun stuff).

Friday Harbor Farmer's Market
Starting April 1, 2017 you can find our booth every Saturday from 10-1 at the Farmers Market in Friday Harbor.


Oysters   $16/dozen

Clams      $ 8/lb

Mussels   $8/lb

(please note we do not offer discounts for quantity)

Picnic items include locally made salads, bakery bread, charcuterie, cheeses, cookies, beer and wine. Prices range from $5-$10 for individual picnic items.