Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a restaurant? 

We are a small, family-run, working aquaculture farm. We do not have a restaurant, but we do have an area where visitors to the farm can purchase, shuck and eat raw oysters at our farm. We also sell local bakery bread, cheeses, charcuterie and salads so that you can make more of a picnic out of your visit. We also sell sodas, waters, beer and wine. On weekdays we barbecue oysters (from 11pm-4pm).

Why do visitors have to shuck their own oysters at your farm? 

We are a small, family-run farm, and we simply do not have the staffing to shuck oysters for all the visitors that come to the farm. We give visitors a shucking demo, and it’s fun! 

What kind of oysters do you grow?

We grow Pacific oysters, which are the most common oysters grown on the west coast. 

How do I store shellfish once I am home? 

We recommend storing your shellfish in the refrigerator. In a shallow bowl, no water, cover your shellfish with a clean damp kitchen towel (shellfish should last 2-3 days). If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, put the shellfish on ice, but drain the water as the ice melts. Do not put shellfish in water of any kind. 

Can I hang a bag of oysters off my boat?  

Some people like to hang a bag of oysters off their boat or dock to store until use, which can be dangerous, particularly if there is a red tide warning. The water in front of our farm is tested every week by the state department of health, and at the time of harvest our shellfish are healthy and bacteria-free. If you store shellfish in areas where the temperature and quality of water isn’t regulated (i.e. in a marina with boat fuel seeping into the water or in a shallow, warm bay), you have no way of knowing if your oysters are still healthy enough to eat raw.  

Can I arrive to your farm by boat? 

We have a small, private, working dock at the farm. We can accommodate small boats and dinghies, and we enforce a strict no-side-tie policy. We have many boating visitors, plus we are working on our docks, so if you are not comfortable bow-tying your boat (especially if it’s over 20 feet), you’ll have to find other means of arrival to the farm.  

I have a big group with me, can I reserve a table? 

Our picnic tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Our busiest times are weekends (particularly afternoons). We recommend coming to the farm earlier in the day (we open at 11am), as well as weekdays if you wish to avoid the crowds. 

Can I bring food for my kids to the farm? 

With our liquor license, we cannot allow any outside food or beverages to be brought to the farm. We have a variety of non-seafood items available for purchase, including bread, cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, cookies and salads, as well as waters and locally-made sodas. 

Can I bring alcohol to the farm?

We now sell beer and wine at the farm. State law forbids alcohol to be brought to the farm, or be consumed anywhere outside of our roped picnic area. This is especially true for our boating visitors. If you are arriving by boat, leave your drink in your boat. 

What restaurants carry your shellfish?

We have a select few restaurants off-island that we deliver our oysters to. In Seattle: The Walrus & the Carpenter, Bar Melusine, Westward, Rock Creek, Aqua, and The Lakehouse in Bellevue. 

During summer (and shoulder seasons) you can find our shellfish locally at: Tops'l, Duck Soup, McMillin’s Roche Harbor, San Juan Brewery, Haleys, Back Door Kitchen, Downriggers, Roche Harbor, Cask & Schooner, and Paellas San Juan. It’s best to call the restaurant directly to confirm our shellfish are on the daily menu.