Visit a Working Farm Like No Other

A trip to Westcott brings different experiences with the tide cycle. On a low tide, see aquaculture farming in action on our beaches while shucking and slurping your oysters at our on-the-water picnic tables. At high tide, watch our resident herons, seals and eagles while sipping your favorite beverage after choosing shellfish from our tanks.


Get Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty

We’d hate to rob you of the experience of plunging your hands into 50-degree saltwater, so you’ll get to personally pick each oyster, clam and mussel you purchase. And, if you want to stay and eat them at our picnic tables, we’ll give you a free shucking lesson and provide all of the necessaries. (We won’t shuck for you – we believe shucking is a valuable life skill.)


Can’t Stay? Take Away!

So, you’re the cook tonight? Impress your guests with freshly harvested shellfish that you hand-picked from our tanks. Looking for a recipe? We’ve got you covered. Check out our blog for ideas. 


Let’s Talk Shellfish

We know a few things about shellfish, and we love to chat. Curious about our process, history, or island life? Just ask—we’re happy to talk about it.  


The Nitty Gritty


Summer (May 17 thru September 1): The farm is open to the public six days a week 11am-5pm. We are closed on Tuesdays. Closed Labor Day.

Off Season (September thru May): During our off-season, the farm is open Saturdays from 12pm -3pm. There is no indoor seating, so dress accordingly in inclement weather! (We usually have a fire going on most cold/rainy days, and our table umbrellas keep you fairly dry).


Winter Season: Saturdays only, 12-3:00

Summer Season: Wednesdays thru Mondays. Closed on Tuesdays.

Retail Sales: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Lunch: 11:00am - 3:30pm (picnic-style at communal tables)

Barbecued oysters: During the summer season we barbecue oysters weekdays and Sundays from 11-3:30. Saturdays is shuck-your-own raw oysters (plus all of our regular picnic fare).

Lunch at the farm

Westcott offers all the staples for the perfect summer oyster picnic, including raw oysters you shuck yourself (that’s right! We don’t shuck for you, but we’ll give you a demo!), local bakery bread & cookies, salads, cheeses and charcuterie that pair perfectly with your hand-shucked. We also sell beer, wine & sodas. Grilled oysters and steamed clams are available daily except Saturdays. Our picnic tables are available on a first-come-first-served basis (no reservations), and are communal. There is a 1.5 hour limit on table use.
Lunch at the farm is all about experiencing the shellfish we grow, please do not bring your own food/beverages to the farm. We do have plenty of other food for visitors who don’t care for shellfish (even for the kiddos)…but if you’re looking for a restaurant experience this may not be your spot.


You can access the farm via water, trail or road.

Coming by boat? Bring the little guy. We’re only able to accommodate small boats and dinghies on our docks, 20-foot maximum. Please respect that these are BOW-tie-only working docks with many boating visitors. Our beaches are muddy and filled with clam beds and oyster nets, so if you come by kayak you need to use the dock (there is a ladder on the south side), or the far north side of the farm by the Net Shed.

Arriving by car? Park in the lot at our entrance, and walk to the farm via the field trail. If you need handicapped parking, there are several spaces close to the farm, which you can drive through the secondary gate to access. Please respect our neighborhood and drive at island pace on our road.

Hiking in? You can hike in from English Camp on the National Park trail, but please don’t park in our lot to hike the trail.

shellfish Pricing

Oysters $16-$18/dozen (depending on size)
Clams/Mussels  $9/lb
We provide ice for take-away shellfish.

Find our oysters off-island and locally

In Seattle/Bellevue?  Slurp down some Westcott Bay oysters at The Walrus & the Carpenter, Bar Melusine, Rock Creek, Aqua, Westward and The Lakehouse. Locally (on island) during summer and shoulder seasons you can find our shellfish at McMillin’s, Tops'l, Duck Soup, Roche Harbor, San Juan Brewery, Haleys, Downriggers, Cask & Schooner, Back Door Kitchen, and Paellas San Juan.



Love our farm? Have your next event in our private Net Shed, nestled in an open field overlooking the farm and Westcott Bay.